Philips Reports New Supportive Study

Philips American depositary shares were slightly higher Tuesday morning after the Netherlands-based company said a new study demonstrated improved patient flow and financial benefits of its intensive care unit telemedicine program.

The study showed that the eICU program with centralized bed management control increased case volume by up to 44% and improved contribution margins by up to 665% or $52.7 million.

“The ability of tele-ICU programs to increase case volume and access to high quality critical care while improving margins suggests a strong financial argument for wider adoption of ICU telemedicine by health systems and intensivists,” said Craig Lilly, director of the eICU program at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“It has been well documented that properly implemented telehealth programs can have a significant impact on patient outcomes, and this study now supports the financial investment behind it,” Lilly added.

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